Ruark Audio R7 Radiogram....

April 18, 2014

Just look at it. I always said this piece of magic would be my first blog post. The Ruark Audio R7 radiogram is one of those achingly beautiful pieces that looks way out of reach to the ‘regular Joe’(me). I’m not saying that the €2400(£2000) price tag is anyway cheap, but when compared to other high end home audio it’s almost good value.


The Ruark R7 may be classic in its styling but its tech is bang up to date. If you are a fan of good ‘ol radio choose from DAB, DAB+, FM or internet tuners. I cherish my alphabetised CD collection like a puppy so the inclusion of a CD slot is good news. Those who prefer to iTune are sorted with Bluetooth and DNLA Wi-Fi. With aptX technology becoming more wide stream your latest phone or tablet will send audio quality comparable with a wired connection.


At it’s heart are two 5.5 inch dual concentric stereo drivers and one 8 inch long throw sub, sited within a sturdy walnut veneer cabinet measuring 1000(w) x 650(h) x 400(d). Adjustable treble & bass are handy and a USB charge port on the rear panel will keep juice in your player while using energy sapping Bluetooth.


A lovely feature of the R7 is the remote control. You know the story - the phone rings but your tunes are just a tad loud, you grab the remote to do a quick mute but realise your angle is off and nothing happens. Lift that arm and cock the wrist…there you go, mute. Well forget all that with the ‘radio link’ RotoDial remote. It can be used from any angle and will even work from the adjoining room. But it’s the neat storage that shows design knowhow and care. Situated in an easy-to-grab cutout in the top of the unit, peaking out like the eye of an alligator out of the swamp water.


There is nothing like functional furniture that also manages to be a triumph of aesthetics. When a special product brings a smile to your face.Use it standalone on it’s legs(included), place it below your tv or on a sideboard and this 160 watt thing of beauty(and power!) will make each day just a little better.For more info go to

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