Klhip Nail Clipper.....

May 7, 2014

It's not the most glamorous subject but crucial nonetheless. The Klhip Nail Clipper(they also produce a gorgeous tweezers) is a slick solution to a common problem. Over the years I'm sure we've all dived in to a chemist or supermarket to find a nail clipper, only to discover they just don't cut it(you like that?-ed).


Most clippers just refuse to do a proper job. Not sharp enough, blades sharper on one side and end up tearing part of the nail, flimsy build quality are all common issues. At $85(including a matching leather case) it's a pricey piece, but consider you probably use this every 2 weeks for the next few decades equates to good value in my book. Top quality stainless steel, Japanese made and super sharp blades will mean a lifetime of smile inducing chopping.


If I got this little bad boy as a gift I would be eternally grateful(nudge, nudge).

Find out more at http://www.klhip.com/clipper

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