Book : Model Making by Megan Werner.....tiny theatre

May 27, 2014

Ever since I can remember I have been intrigued by models and model making. As a youngster I built many plastic car kits in 1:18(usually produced by Tamiya or Hasagawa), slaving over the smallest detail. While others kicked football, I sprayed plastic. It was a moment to dream. A moment to delve into a mini world.

Model Making by Megan Werner(Princeton Architectural Press) explores materials & techniques used in architectural models, from paper to polystyrene, plaster pours to metal. There are dedicated chapters on tools, materials & techniques.

It's true that the book - approx 140pgs - can only delve so deep into the subject but I needed an overview of how those gorgeously detailed, stunningly accurate, backlit models were made. If you are looking for a book that gives an easy introduction to the model making process and materials this is a good start. I'm a bit of a fanatic so I just get a kick flicking through the pictures!

ISBN 978-1-56898-870-2

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