HondaJet......flight of fancy

May 27, 2014

As a child and now as an adult(some would dispute that fact-ed!), I'm totally fascinated with flight. It excites and scares me in equal measures. If I can get my head and wallet in shape, at some stage in life I hope to have a helicopter or fixed wing licence.

This is the latest innovation in the skies. The HondaJet is ultra advanced in tech, materials & fabrication. Claiming to be an (almost) affordable way into private jet ownership. With 4 seats(2 facing 2), a bathroom and a size that can be flown with one pilot it sounds and looks like the business. That all conquering fabric of carbon fiber is used heavily, increasing strength & stiffness while keeping weight down, and a unique engine placement and design claim class leading efficiency and range. It's also a mighty fine looking aircraft.

Honda are a company I associate with innovation & quality with everything they do. Motorcycles, cars, motorsport, lawnmowers, robots....whatever they do has the 'Honda' tag all over it. At around $4.5mil it wont be for everyone but it points to a bright future of private aviation. Now all I have to do is get a licence, pick my colour and spec, find a parking space and get flying. Easy. Unless Honda needs a 'long term road-tester', as I will happily agree!

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